Our commercial lending and loan participation program connects borrowers and lenders by eliminating common barriers like geography and lending limits. By combining the flexibility and personal attention of a community bank with the lending capacity of the nation’s largest banks, we provide our clients a very unique approach to banking.
Our residential mortgage group is a national lender specializing in the development of structured residential mortgage products for community banks and local, regional and national mortgage companies. By offering all customers the ability to capitalize on a multitude of origination opportunities, we create partnerships that mega-lenders are simply unable to match.
Cashless transactions are becoming a way of life for American consumers. Our Stored Value Solutions service offers secure, convenient and innovative prepaid products for financial institutions, government entities and corporations. We have developed several successful stored value programs that are full service, operationally compliant and designed to deliver a significant return on investment.
At Marshall BankFirst we focus on our clients not our competition. We have combined two banks with long-established records of excellence to form a leading-edge banking alternative. Two great organizations, joined together, working as one for you. We offer a complete selection of deposit, lending, and investment services with personalized attention to your needs.
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  Marshall BankFirst - Less Wall Street, More Main Street

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  According to the Star Tribune Quarterly Deal Report published December, 25, 2005 Marshall BankFirst originated over $450,000,000 in corporate debt for the 4th quarter.
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