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Former pro football great accused of California sex offenses

A former all-star football player has been arrested in Los Angeles in connection with a series of alleged sexual assaults. Darren Sharper, who was active in the National Football League from 1997 to 2010, is facing several sex offense charges after allegedly luring women into hotel rooms before drugging and raping them. The 38-year-old former player is also named in a rape case in Louisiana, and he may face extradition. Sharper pleaded not guilty to rape allegations in Los Angeles in February.

Authorities say that two of the reported assaults occurred within the same 24-hour span in Los Angeles and Las Vegas. He is already facing several felony allegations in California, including accusations of rape by use of drugs. He is being held by police in Los Angeles on a $1 million bail in connection with those allegations.

Woman facing 6 murder charges for wrong-way drunk driving crash

A 21-year-old California woman is facing six charges of murder after a wrong-way crash that occurred on Feb. 9. Prosecutors have alleged that the woman showed general disregard for others' lives. She was originally arrested on suspicion of manslaughter and drunk driving charges, but authorities have not yet confirmed the driver's blood alcohol content. The driver could face life in prison, and her bail has been set at $6 million.

Authorities say the woman drove her Chevrolet Camaro eastward in the westbound lanes on a freeway during the early morning hours that Sunday. She struck a Ford SUV head-on, according to an initial investigation. All four occupants of the SUV perished in the alleged drunk driving crash, and the woman's two passengers also reportedly died in the wreck. News reports show that the woman's older sister was among those killed. The driver suffered a broken femur and some internal injuries, and she is currently being held in a the jail wing of a Los Angeles hospital.

California couple facing domestic violence charges after fight

A former California judge and his wife have been arrested after a domestic conflict turned physical during their stay on the East Coast. The judge, age 59, and his 69-year-old wife are both facing misdemeanor domestic violence charges after allegedly provoking an altercation at an upscale Connecticut hotel. The judge is currently on probation in connection with a conviction for financial elder abuse.

The couple said they were in Connecticut visiting family members when they got into a fight. The man was attempting to get away from the woman by shutting himself into the bathroom, but her hand became caught in the doorjamb. After that, the couple engaged in some pushing and slapping before the former judge left the room. Managers and guests were so concerned that they called officers. Both members of the couple said they had not been physically combative in the past.

David Cassidy facing criminal charges after DUI arrest

Even celebrities can be plagued by trouble with the law, as evidenced by the fact that former television star David Cassidy just racked up his third charge for drunk driving. The 63-year-old actor, famous for his role on "The Partridge Family," is facing criminal charges after allegedly driving with a blood-alcohol content more than twice the legal limit. The driver has two previous arrests for drunk driving in New York and Florida.

Authorities say that the man was released from custody after posting a $15,000 bond. He was arrested after he allegedly turned right against the light at an intersection with a "No Right Turn On Red" sign. When the former teen idol was pulled over, the officer found that his vehicle smelled strongly of alcohol. A breath test was administered after the man was pulled over; Cassidy reportedly had a BAC level of 0.19 percent. The legal limit for driving in the state of California is 0.08 percent.

Former teacher accused of sexual offenses, victim admits to lying

A 27-year-old former substitute teacher in California has been arrested and charged with three felonies after he allegedly had sex with a 17-year-old high-school student. The man was accused of sexual offenses after investigators concluded a four-month inquiry into his relationship with the girl, a student at Jurupa Valley High School. The investigation was prompted by another student, who said she received text messages from the purported victim in July. Those test messages described the victim's sexual encounters with the teacher. It appears that the girl's first-time sexual experience may have been with the defendant.

Official reports show that the man is accused of sex crimes, even though the girl never disclosed that she was not old enough to participate in the sexual activities. She admitted that the defendant was not aware of her age, but she also said the man never asked how old she was. The defendant in the case argues that the young woman told him that she was 18 years old and had already graduated from high school. It is possible that he did not substitute teach in her specific class.

Driver fleeing DUI enforcement accused of gas station fire

A driver who was attempting to blaze into the sunset after a police pursuit found himself at the center of a very different kind of firestorm. The driver, who was fleeing Alameda County law enforcement officers, ended up running into a gas station in Oakland, California, prompting a two-alarm fire and forcing several nearby residents to be evacuated from their homes. The man is now facing allegations of DUI, and he was transported to a local hospital after suffering a broken bone in the incident. A passenger in that same vehicle was questioned in the matter but has since been released.

Authorities report that the driver had been stopped because of a traffic violation before the pursuit began. When deputies approached the vehicle, the driver of that car, a BMW, sped away, prompting the police chase. The man fled after the early morning traffic stop, traveling about a half-mile before he smashed into the gas pumps at the gasoline station.

Man gets 6-month term for sexual battery

A man who has been arrested for a variety of alleged sex crimes from Texas to California will spend just six months in custody after being convicted on his most recent charges. The man was accused of sexual battery, a charge that carries a maximum of six months' prison time. The man is expected to spend just three months in custody due to the nature of his crimes. Even though the man has reportedly been labeled as a serial sex offender, the 49-year-old man has never spent more than three years in jail. He has now been convicted of 15 sex-related crimes in the past 15 years. The most recent offense occurred just five months after another sentence concluded.

The man decided to spend the time in jail instead of pursuing a treatment option that could have reduced his sentence even more. Authorities say that the majority of the allegations were related to incidents that occurred on college campuses throughout the U.S., as the man targets young adults. Still, the man's spiritual mentor says he thinks there is hope for the defendant in this case, as they have been working together on Bible studies during recent months.

California lab under fire for inaccurate DUI tests

The Orange County, California, crime lab is facing significant legal scrutiny after acknowledging that hundreds of testing errors had altered the results of recent drunk driving cases. Authorities report that the lab's DUI testing procedures will be thoroughly audited after the discovery, which reportedly altered blood alcohol content readings by 0.001 percentage points. Even though that might seem like a small amount, the most recent error shows that about 100 cases' final results were changed. The errors raised blood alcohol level readings by an entire point. For example, someone with a 0.07 BAC might have been accused of drunk driving because the reading was rounded up to 0.08 percent.

It is not yet clear whether any of the errors would lead to the exoneration of someone who had been convicted of driving while intoxicated, though it could have an effect on individuals accused of having high BACs behind the wheel. Some drunk driving defendants face additional penalties because their BAC level is 0.15 percent, and even more penalties are incurred after the 0.20 percent mark.

Domestic violence case ends after 2-year process in California

A criminal defendant from Southern Humboldt, California, has agreed to plead guilty to a set of charges related to the alleged beating and raping of his own wife last year. The man, age 51, faced accusations of bodily injury in connection with the 2012 incident. Just hours before his criminal trial was slated to begin, the man decided to enter a guilty plea for all relevant criminal charges. State law mandates that he must serve at least an eight-year sentence in connection with the conviction.

Authorities report that the man faced charges including spousal rape, sexual penetration by a foreign object and false imprisonment, among others. The case has been seriously delayed by the man's decision to change defense attorneys throughout the process; so far, he has gone through seven different lawyers. Official reports show that the domestic violence incident, which occurred on Jan. 15, 2012, occurred as the couple was engaged in an argument. The man proceeded to slash the tires on the woman's vehicle before coming back into their home and raping her. In a panic, the woman shoved her cell phone in her boot, accidentally switching on an audio recording device that captured the entire attack.

4 nabbed in child porn distribution bust

Four California men have been arrested in connection with an alleged child pornography ring that sent images throughout the state. The allegations surfaced after a six-week investigation into the matter, during which Los Angeles County sheriff's personnel traced the distribution of Web-based child porn throughout the area. The four defendants, ages 19 to 72, did not know each other in real life, but they did share an Internet network. Scores of electronic devices were confiscated in connection with the charges, including four desktop computers, nine flash drives, three hard drives and four laptop computers.

Authorities characterized the images as graphic, depicting children ages 1 to 16 engaged in sexual acts with adults. The defendants in this case were targeted by investigators who were seeking individuals who were offering to distribute porn throughout the local area. Investigators made contact with those sources, downloaded some of the illegal files to confirm their nature and then linked that material with the four defendants. The investigation continues, as scores of images are contained on the electronic media.

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