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Not Every Lawyer Delivers Personal, Focused Representation

  • Some attorneys do everything. At J. Francisco Karwash, Attorney at Law, of Hayward, we do only one thing: defend persons who have been charged with crimes. Within criminal defense, however, we do almost everything. We defend against every crime from a juvenile sex crime to serious crimes of violence.
  • Some attorneys pawn you off on paralegals, while they attend to other matters. At J. Francisco Karwash, you are assured of lots of personal attention. Our attorney deals with your case personally from beginning to end. You know we are invested in protecting your rights...because you can see it.
  • Some attorneys never set foot in a courtroom. J. Francisco Karwash is a trial lawyer first and foremost. He wants to go to trial, to fight for your innocence and to believe in your reasoning. Going toe-to-toe against determined prosecutors doesn't scare him. Your rights are what he worries about.


What A Great Alameda County Criminal Law Attorney Wants

Attorney J. Francisco Karwash - people just call him Karwash - wants to protect decent individuals who may have made a mistake against oppression by police and the criminal justice system. He wants to erect a strong wall around your rights, and protect them. He wants to show why you are not a career criminal. He wants to do the right thing...because justice matters more than money.

Sex Crimes · Juvenile Crimes · Domestic Violence

Our passion as advocates is to rescue clients from a system that has criminalized so many things - driving after having a drink, possessing marijuana, disagreements between spouses that get out of hand. In California today and with today's economy, everyday pressures can result in crimes, and prosecution then ruins lives. And it is often the people who need a break the most who suffer the worst.

Have you been charged with a crime? Help is at hand. Call Hayward criminal defense lawyer J. Francisco Karwash at 510-868-0774 or write him using this online form.

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