Online poker strategy for all players

December 23rd, 2013

viktor-blomLet’s start with holdem at the low limits. As many poker players like to see the flop, it is not recommended to bluff too much at these stakes. Raise with your premium hands, otherwise it is like beating your head against the wall. The main poker skills at this level are a good understanding of odds and knowing when to fold.

If you know how to play good poker, you might win fewer pots than your competitors, but you will gain as the pots that you win will be large enough to provide you with a solid advantage. Sometimes bad luck will hit you, you’ll often see how your draws seem to never hit, but your opponents’ poker hands will be often hit by luck, because your opponents will frequently call your bets with marginal hands.

Rarely bluff, but you imperatively need to bet and raise with premium hands, adding to the money in the pot when you dominate the board. To be aggressive to increase the pot size is also important because you have to be careful not to provide cheap cards to the other players, who hate to fold their own cards.

Next is Texas Hold’em at the medium stakes. Almost all the players at these limits are in a position to beat the cheaper games, but one will also play with people who are only slightly proficient at the game, but have enough money to afford to play regularly. These players are playing less justifiable starting hands, and most pots are played two or three-handed.

Your opponents will be putting pressure on you a lot. Make bets to increase the pots when you have a strong hand, especially against opponents who love to call or raise with decent strength hands, but not the monster hands. If you make money in low-limit poker, the transition to these levels can be very profitable for you. However, it is also important to know your opponents and to be able to choose the juiciest tables.

Let’s conclude with the ultra high limits. The best room for that type of stake is pokerstars. There you will find the best poker players to be seen on the Web. There may be some changes in style, but basically the style people play will be well mastered and it will be really difficult for you to find any leaks in them. For example, some players can play too many hands before the flop, but post flop they become sharks, partly compensating for this pretense of bad style. The players will always be fighting for the blinds, and use creative approaches to the game of. This is what you must be ready to face.

Normally, you should not play these games, but if you have the self-control and skills, you should only play when you can win, and you can make giant profits there. The variance in these games is huge, and the average poker player here can easily loose it all.

Just make sure you you are not the one.

Freeze out poker tournaments

February 2nd, 2013

Freeze out poker tournaments are the most conventional style of poker tournament and remain the most popular style.

A straight freeze out tournament is one where you pay you buy in for this example $50 + $5, where the $5 is a fee that the online poker rooms charge every player for taking part in the tournament. Every bodies $50 get put into the prize pool. You start with anywhere between 1000 and 2000 chips normally and the industry standard is between 12-15 minutes when the blind level is kept constant.

Blinds increase consistently. Once the tournaments starts no new player can be admitted except for some where late buy-ins are allowed. Once you are eliminated you are gone for good the tournament is played until there is only one player remaining with all of the other players chips. If it is a small tournament then this player will usually gain the whole prize pool but on larger multi table tournaments there can be hundreds of players who get a slice of the prize pool.

A lot of poker rooms nowadays like to run guaranteed prize pool tournaments which basically means if say Betfair Poker announced it was going to have a $50,000 Texas Holdem guaranteed prize pool tournament that has to be the minimum amount that will be given away as prizes. This is of course a marketing technique to attract players, and poker rooms have to get their math right to offer such guarantees.

This guaranteed number can increase if the entrance money to the tournament is higher that the stated prize pool but this number can never decrease. So if the buy in is say $100 and there are only 200 players instead of playing for a prize pool of $20,000 which would be the case in a standard freeze out tournament, you would instead be playing for a prize pool of $50,000.

This means that Betfair Poker would have to put in $30,000 of their own money. These tournaments are becoming very popular so check out the big guaranteed prize pool tournaments from the best poker rooms.

Freeze out tourneys can be played in any poker variation but the most popular variant is no-limit Texas Holdem. There are also some fixed limited Holdem and pot-limit Omaha tournaments, but these are far in between.

By opposition to the standard freeze out tournaments, other forms include rebuy tournaments, satellite tournaments and step tournaments, all popular contests on the felt as well.

Casino, The Victim of hypocrisy

March 15th, 2012

UnibetA casual, fun loving online casinos player does not convert into an abnormal addict of casino online overnight but the process can happen and it can happen fast. Unibet wants to become the heart of entertainment, but never wants to make people addicted. As they do create something different with better games, ruining this creation can just take a few moments. But if thought prudently ever augmenting casino bonuses do not have a deliberate hand to play in the endemic of casino addiction.

Agreed, that the offerings of online casinos like Unibet are so attractive that any general online casino players will be ambushed in it. But then simultaneously with the increasing gradation of casino bonuses, human beings have also gone the extra mile in awe inspiring for the overall development where logics, rationalities played the most important role. So where do all the logics and sensibilities evaporate when the online casinos players have to draw a line in their ceaseless, impulsive actions in casinos online mainly when Unibet is concerned?

The people cursing the recent economic recession, have all their wise thought processes vanished when they had to hold back their reflexes in laying large wager for implausible amount of casino bonuses? On one hand the modern generation is always at quick retort while questioning about their sensibility, rational timing and pragmatic outlook, on the other hand the same people loses all their pragmatism, rational moves when surrounded by the tempting galore of casino bonuses. Unibet makes it very clear. Hypocrisy had become the trend of lifestyles but when hypocrisy can be an ominous factor, people should avert it at least in casinos online.

If the modern generations really have confidence over their practicality, intellects then they should prove it in a constructive manner like playing safe, restrained, mature games at internet gaming venues. There is no reason not to be able to enjoy a little bit of online gambling if this activity is conducted in a reasonable manner. Getting addicted to good things is a human weakness and if you feel that you could be addicted you need to consult a specialized service such as

Win Palace

December 30th, 2011

Win PalaceWinPalace is among the best online casino sites in the world, not just for U.S. players. Players in Canada, the UK and around the world, all enjoy the benefits that WinPalace brings. This relatively young site has a huge success thanks to its unique bonus system, its stars games and the upmost professional customer support.In just three years, WinPalace has won early success and has an extensive base of loyal customers, who speaks volumes about the bonuses offered but also the ability to keep and bring back the players. Bonus offers start with a welcome bonus of 200% up to  $1000, usable twice, up to $2000 extra on your first two deposits!

WinPalace also offers a bonus for slot machines of 300% up to $5000.

BlackJack and Video Poker players also receive a cash bonus of 100% up to $1000 for each of these games. These bonuses can be used 10 times, up to $10000 for free!

Next If you are ready to deposit $1000 or more, the High Roller bonus is for you! It is a 200% bonus, which gives you up to $2000.

After using all these fantastic bonuses, WinPalace offers even more special bonuses on  a weekly basis!

At last count, WinPalace offers over 150 of the best RTG games, including 100 online slot machines. The tournaments have also been added recently to the delight of lovers of slot machine games. Moreover, WinPalace offers over 40 table games like Blackjack, Video Poker, Baccarat, Roulette, Craps, and others.

A VIP program is also available, allowing players to enjoy large tables with higher stakes, a responsible host for their casino account, and other nice surprises. The Win Palace customer support is available 24/7 by Live Chat, e-mail and telephone.

WinPalace accept different payment methods like credit cards (Visa, MasterCard), or online payment sites like Neteller, UseMyWallet, MoneyBookers, EcoCard etc.

Andrew Feldman

July 29th, 2011

Andrew FeldmanThere has been a lot of talk lately about young U.K Full Tilt Poker pro Andrew Feldman, but just who is he ? How has he gotten to such a high level at such a young age?

We answer these questions by giving you an insight of how he burst onto the poker scene and is now competing against the best players in the world and crushing cash games.

Andrew Feldman first got a taste of poker at 17-years old when he would watch his older brother play online qualifiers. When Feldman turned 18 he decided he would give internet poker a try and he opened a poker account at a U.K poker site, depositing £20.

He began by playing £1 sit and gos as well as £0.10/£0.20 ring games, however he found himself having to deposit a few more times before he really cracked the game and became a consistent winner. At 18, Feldman was studying for his A-levels but quickly found his love of poker was detracting his concentration on his studies. As well as studying, he also had a few part-time jobs – a paper round, and shelve stacker in supermarket giants Tesco and Sainsbury’s.

After eight months of juggling his studies, part-time jobs and his love of poker, Feldman had grown a bankroll of over $100k, mainly by playing heads-up and 6-max cash games. However all his hard work would be wiped out when he came home from his local casino frustrated and on tilt at losing £2000 in one session, deciding he would play higher stakes online than normal to make up for his live loss.

Just one bad beat spiralled Feldman out of control and he went to bed, woke up the following morning and was in total shock at only having half his bankroll. He then decided to play again in the hope of winning it all back – but this would only see him lose it all in only a matter of hours.

Feldman was forced to tell his parents he had lost all the money, which they had constantly told him to withdraw. His parents demanded that he focused on his A-levels to get into University and stated they didn’t want him gambling anymore.

They even took him to gamblers anonymous but all he could think about was when he would get to play again. Feldman found that he had over £100 in rakeback in a poker account and proceeded to grind it up to over £1000 by the end of the day. That £1000 had turned to £10,000 by the end of that week, and trebled to £30,000 by the end of the month. At this point his parents forced him to withdraw most of it, giving him £5000 to use however he wanted.

Feldman then managed to get the A-level results he needed, however he didn’t want to go to university – he wanted to play poker. His big breakthrough came in 2007, when he won the 888 UK Poker Open for $250,000. At this point all the UK poker media attention was on Feldman as one of the best young UK players, and through this publicity he was invited to various events including the Poker Den cash game which he won by winning more than any of the other players. Feldman recently took part in the Full Tilt Poker Million Dollar Cash Game, where he finished with a $135,000 profit playing against the best players in the world including Phil Ivey and Tom Dwan.

You used to be able to find Andrew Feldman playing at Full Tilt Poker, where he used to play the $10/$20+ ring games. We don’t know where he plays online now, if anywhere.